Lesson 13

The examinations are designed to measure the knowledge you have obtained from the lesson. The questions can be found at the back of your printed coaching manual. Read each item carefully. Select the BEST ANSWER for each item consulting the course material when necessary.

Multiple choice test items have four alternatives with only one correct answer. Indicate your choice by selecting the letter according to the response you determine is correct. For example, 1a, 2b, 3c, 4d, etc.

True/False test items have two alternatives, “t” true, or “f” false. Indicate your choice by selecting the letter according to the response you determine is correct. For example, 5t, 6f, 7t, 8f, etc.

There are 11 multiple-choice questions in Lesson 13.

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You may discuss challenging portions of this examination with others. However, the answer you select must be your own. You are prohibited from referring to or copying the solutions of others, or giving completed solutions to anyone else taking this course.

All lessons must be submitted one at a time on separate dates as you complete them. You may not submit more than one lesson per day. Lessons submitted in this manner will not be processed and will cause you delays in completing the program.

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