How to Become a Certified Tennis Instructor


National Tennis Academy® - USNTA™

Are you looking into the requirements and what’s involved in earning your tennis instructor certification?

Or, maybe you’re already coaching or teaching like these folks.

Either way, you owe it to yourself and your students to seriously consider the significance and benefits of earning your certification.

What does certification mean to you and to a parent or student contemplating hiring you as their tennis instructor?

Basically, certification is a process that gives recognition to tennis instructors who meet certain standards. It is a promise that the instructor will provide the quality services that he or she claims to offer.

Tennis instructors directly affect the lives of both children and adults. For this reason, the National Tennis Academy® – USNTA™ has sought, since it’s organization in 1982, to protect the interests of this segment of the public by setting standards and training persons to become tennis instructors.

To ensure tennis instructors meet basic standards, the USNTA produces and administers an accredited training and certification program consisting of 243 learning objectives with on-court training exercises.

Tennis instructors who successfully pass the program are authorized to identify themselves by the designation USNTA-Certified.

USNTA-Certified tennis instructors are dependable and competent educators who have agreed to abide by the organization’s Code of Ethics at all times.

For a tennis instructor certified by the USNTA, the road to certification was both challenging and rewarding.

So, as you can see, when it comes to providing parents and students with the best value, certification is the tennis instructor’s best friend.

Tennis instructors throughout the United States and other countries are finding that with the National Tennis Academy they always receive individualized, person-to-person attention.

You progress at your own pace. You study at home, practice the techniques with your own students on your local court, and then submit your completed work to the academy for grading.

The academy will spend as much time as is necessary to help you develop your tennis instructor skills.

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The high standards and expert teaching principles

of the USNTA certification program are the foundation every tennis coach and instructor needs to have before stepping onto the teaching court. It was the springboard to my success and its disciplines still guide my daily coaching.”

Dave Rineberg
Best Selling Author & Former Coach of Venus & Serena Williams

We appreciate all that you are doing for the USTA and for our great sport.”

United States Tennis Association

The National Tennis Academy

tennis instructor training and certification program has been put together with a great deal of valuable detail. I agree with the use of cues as memory aids, a system I repeatedly use myself. I certainly endorse this program particularly if you are not located in a tennis area or cannot leave home easily. Also, should you wish to teach your own kids how to play the game and are looking for some input, it’s ideal.”

Angela Buxton
Wimbledon Champion

The USNTA training and certification program is bona fide, and a great way to get started.”

Tennis Week Magazine

Everyone has to start somewhere, and I’m glad I started with the National Tennis Academy.”

Coach Kreth Simmons

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