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No, it’s not the racquet.

Take your game to a higher level with a USNTA Certified Instructor. Modern methods and proven techniques create an environment where fear is eliminated, fun is ensured, and reliable strokes are easy to learn.

Here are just a few of the many USNTA instructors and coaches all over the world who are shining examples of people passionate about growing the game. CLICK “Read more” below for more INFO and PICS

A62489 Diego Arias

C30320 Terry E. Casillo

D90311 Justin P. Davis

D92431 Roel Dahuya

E70239 Bill Eydler

F25724 Coach Edward Fitzgerald

G36366 G. C. Iguana Gagno, Jr.

G91075 Igor Guman

H39190 Eugene Hardman

J19021 Ionel Jianu

J54086 Ebeneezer John

K90629 Sahil Kumar Kalia

M35515 Rick Mitchell

M93879 Rene A. Matheiu

Q26688 Inocente Quintanilla

R16169 Thomas J. Rice

R57938 Aurora T. Rice

S40349 Kreth Simmons

S64104 Phil Shedd

T14415 Vigandas Telksnys

V37038 Coach Valencia

W89995 Tom Williams