G36366 G. C. Iguana Gagno, Jr.

Tennis Instructor G36366 USNTA Certified | G.C. Gagno, Jr. | Dammam Saudi Arabia

Office # +966-03-8774276
Mobile # +966-05-8704904
E-mail: m1gcg@se.com.sa

Tennis Instructor G36366 USNTA Certified. Mr. G.C. “Jun” Gagno, Jr. • SCECO MMD/W&DD • ZH16/141

Developing a good relation with young would-be tennis players will further boost their enthusiasm, and performance. • Private Lesson; Green Valley Village, Dammam, KSA

Demonstration and describing the slice approach shot. (Advanced lesson for my favorite group as they are determined to achieve their goal – to become competitive players).

Beginning students (age 5 & 7) are in ready position. The girl on the left is Physically Guided. • Private Lesson; Al-Zahra Village, Al-Khobar, KSA

Beginning students (age 7 & 9) are put at ease. Lesson objective is explained along with moral encouragement to achieve a simple goal. • Private Lesson at Al-Zamil Village, Dammam, KSA