Testimonials and comments from Colleagues
“The USNTA training and certification program is bona fide, and a great way to get started.
Tennis Week magazine
“We appreciate all that you are doing for the USTA and for our great sport.”
United States Tennis Association
“I certainly endorse this program, particularly if you cannot leave home easily.”
Testimonials and comments from USNTA Members
“Thank you very much for all correspondence and assistance with the certification program. Also, thanks for offering such a flexible and structured program. It has been a perfect solution combined with work and family. Excellent! —D. C.,  WEST VIRGINIA 

“The trouble with pros is that anyone
can claim to be one; testing and certification are very important.”

“This week I was hired as a tennis pro at the Southlake Tennis Club. One of my goals when I joined the USNTA was a position such as this. It’s hard to believe I’ve realized that dream so quickly!”
— A. S., INDIANA”Everyone has to start somewhere, and I’m glad I started with National Tennis Academy.”–Coach Kreth Simmons, ARKANSAS
“The USNTA program gives you a
well- rounded background in teaching and motivational techniques. Certification is a plus because financially you can command a higher salary, you will be kept up to date on the latest teaching techniques, and you increase your credibility and accountability to your students.”
“My old teaching method was
less effective than it is now after completing the USNTA program. No wonder the progress of my previous students was very slow. There is a difference between the progress of my old and new students. The program corrected my errors and weaknesses and gave me more confidence. I have also noticed that my students trust me more than they used to.”
“I really enjoyed taking the USNTA program. I will recommend it to anyone who wants to become certified. Your staff really made the difference in helping me complete the program in a relatively short time. Their prompt response to my questions and the grading of my lessons enabled me to stay totally committed to the program. They were super! P. S. I’ve been offered a summer job at Cabrillo Racquet Club. I am excited about working at something that I love doing, especially in beautiful Southern California.– L. S., TEXAS
“I am now the Tennis Director
at a local club. The USNTA helped a lot in getting the job. I am proud to be associated with the USNTA.
“The educational principles used are correct and properly sequenced.”
“I have been teaching tennis since 1983. But only now, after completing the USNTA program, do I feel confident about my teaching. Thanks for giving me the knowledge and confidence to succeed in the tennis- teaching profession.?
“I have been the resident pro instructor at the Yongsan Military Compound (US) for the past two years. The USNTA program has been very helpful and has also fulfilled a provision of my contract that requires me to be US certified.”
“Being able to do the USNTA certification program has made me more aware of my mistakes, and the concise, straightforward approach to the assignments has made me a more professional tennis instructor in the UK.”—E. J., UNITED KINGDOM

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