F25724 Coach Edward Fitzgerald

Tennis Instructor F 25724 USNTA Certified | Coach Edward Fitzgerald | Waldorf, Maryland

I have been teaching tennis since 1999 and then decided to get certified on the suggestion a good friend. So 2009 I got certified with the USNTA. During this time I have coached a lot of teams here in the USTA Mid-Atlantic in the Maryland area, from 2.5 up to 3.5. I also work with individual on the 4.0 level as well. I have had students/Clients get moved up to the next level every year. That is truly an accomplishment but a humbling experience that lets me know that I’m doing the right thing in helping others grow, learn and enjoy this lovely sport that I do love so.
Below is a few references from Students/Clients:

Danielle :

Thanks, Coach for all that you do!
Coach Eddie taught me, not only, the physical aspects of tennis, but mental as well. As a new player at 2.5, Coach worked with me on basic form, rules of the game, and then progressed to more strategic thinking/shots, which propelled my game to new levels. His instruction took me from a 2.5 to 3.5 in 2 years. I owe most of my tennis success to his guidance and, more importantly, patience. 


I’ve been working with Coach Eddie for about year now and my game has strongly improved. Now, am I there yet? Not exactly, but I am well on my way with this coach. The one thing that sticks to mind when talking to others about him and about joining his group is during practice, coach Eddie will make sure to stop you during practice after most mistakes and explain what you did wrong and how you can improve. He will not let you continue doing the same mistake and practice that way. He will help perfect every stroke until you get it, either by sharing information via FB, email or even recording your moves during practice. (The last one is my favorite because I get to see the flaws that he sees.)

Bottom line, if you are serious about learning to play tennis the “correct” way, then Eddie is also serious. He follows the 3D’s to a tee and therefore he is Disciplined, Determined and Dedicated and expects nothing less from his patrons.


Coach Eddie is an AMAZING coach. I first started learning tennis just for the exercise. I never imagined that I would actually learn the basics and advance in USTA so fast. Coach Eddie’s teachings improved my game so much that others started to ask how did I learn so fast. Coach helped me develop an eye for strategy and the challenging skills to execute each shot perfectly. He is knowledgeable and is still very committed to helping me change those stubborn bad habits. Learning different shots and most importantly when to use those skills have become a breeze after working with him. I was so fed up with my backhand one day and after just 30 minutes with coach it was back on track and more fierce than before. I am a stronger player because of Coach and always refer to his impeccable coaching for guidance. Thank you, Coach Fitzgerald