S40349 Kreth Simmons

Tennis Instructor S40349 USNTA Certified | Kreth Simmons | Little Rock, AR | Baseline Tennis Center |  501-837-3227

August 2023

The Baseline Tennis Center recently completed its 18th summer tennis camp.

Fifteen kids participated and had a chance to broaden their tennis aspirations and desires.

Sharing moments like we experienced was very unique in its own way.

Several businesses made a huge impact on tennis program success including “The Tennis Shop” and “Small is the New Big.”

We are fortunate to have these tennis patrons help with advancing our fine sport.

–Coach Kreth Simmons



“What a magnificent sport tennis is to share with friends and colleagues alike.

“I am grateful to share my 2021 tennis story with enthusiasts globally. I have always had a passion for tennis. Staying involved and sharing my teaching and coaching methods with kids and adults is the ultimate dream I love to share.

“Baseline Tennis Center just completed our 16th annual tennis camp, and it was a blast! With the pandemic taking over in 2020 staying committed and being engaged in tennis was challenging.

“We had 18 children join the camp this summer and the experience was incredible. Passion for tennis was once again at an all-time high and the enthusiasm was impeccable.

“We shared the fundamentals on the court during parents’ night out and they enjoyed the participation with the coaches.

“The kids achieved and received medals, trophies, plaques, and back-to-school backpacks full of school supplies and tennis accessories.

“Tennis has definitely resurfaced at Baseline Tennis Center. As I always say, ‘Small is the new big.'”

–Coach Kreth Simmons


November 2019

Under the direction of USNTA member coach K. Simmons and Coach E. Simmons the Baseline Tennis Camp of Little Rock, Arkansas recently completed their 15th annual summer tennis camp.

“The theme for this year’s camp was “The Master Key for Life,” said Coach K. Simmons.

“The kids were taught that tennis is a sport for life that can be used to unlock doors and develop friendships with players of all nationalities.

“The campers received awards, school supplies, and tons of love.”

Congratulations, Coach Simmons on another successful camp.

Keep up the good work!


November 2018

Kreth Simmons is known as “Mr. Tennis” at Baseline Tennis Center. For the past fourteen years Kreth has coached children in summer tennis camp.

“I use the racquet as a master key to unlock doors that no other sport can do,” proclaims Coach Simmons.

“Tennis is my platform; It’s my ministry to teach children to never give up and never give in.”

Although several of Kreth’s students have received college tennis scholarships, he encourages them to use tennis as a means to exercise and make friends.

Currently Kreth and his son, Elliott, are coaching Arkansas’ #1 ranked player in the 12-year-old division–Emmory Simmons. Emmory is Kreth’s daughter.


August 2017

“We reccently completed our 13th annual summer tennis camp. Twenty-one kids had fun learning the wonderful sport of tennis while getting plenty of exercise and meeting new friends.

“With other sports such as basketball, soccer, and volleyball attracting participants in ever-increasing numbers it takes commitment to portray tennis as a sport worth staying with.

“Our motto for achieving that goal has been ‘Never give up, and never give in.’ This motto has motivated three of my tennis players to the level that they have received full tennis scholarships to the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff.

“Our program is steadily growing due to the commitment, compassion, and dedication for tennis in our community.

“I wish to thank everyone for supporting the Baseline Tennis Center and allowing me to follow my tennis coaching dreams. Everyone has to start somewhere, and I’m glad I started with the National Tennis Academy.”


For lessons or information on future tennis camps contact Coach Simmons at krethsimmons@netzero.net or call (501) 837-3227.